Our Blog- February 2016

Would you like a cup of tea?


Three questions. Who said “I’ve got nasty habits, I take tea at three”? who said “One day I decided to try to have a complete day without tea. I was quite shaken. I was quite disturbed.”? And finally who said “I would rather have a cup of tea than sex.” No idea? Mick Jagger, Morrisey…

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A couple of years ago one of the students at Oxford International  English in Central London went home with a special and rather permanent reminder of the wonderful time she’d had in London. She had W1W8QG tattooed on her wrist. A secret code? Actually nothing too remarkable, it’s the post code of the local pub…

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On your bike


2 great pieces of news this week in London – the number of cyclists in London reaches a record high, but equally the number of cyclists seriously injured is the lowest since records began. So there are more and more people doing it and fewer and fewer problems. That it might be dangerous might put…

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One of the worries students have when they decide to come to study with us at Oxford International in London is whether it’s going to cost a fortune. Even though the exchange rate is not great for visitors at the moment, you can still get a bargain here and you can still eat out without…

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Great bus journeys (across London)

old bus

Have you ever thought about the best way to see London ? A tour bus ? walking around? Following a guided tour? Think a little differently and for the price of a bus fare (£1.50) you can see everything you could ever want to see – keeping dry and warm and even reasonably comfortable. Go…

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Shopping in John Lewis

Students who come to study at Oxford International English in London will inevitably spend at least some of their time shopping – and (so I’ve been told) there’s nowhere better than Oxford Street – apart perhaps from Covent Garden or Bond Street or Soho. Whichever works for you, it’s only a short walk from the…

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Romance is alive and well inside OIEG. We thought this week we’d use the opportunity to ask a few members of staff for their favourite romantic song – the one they’d be happiest to have played for them on the most romantic day of the year. Most people are torn between writing Valentine’s day off…

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1167 New words


After living in London pretty much all my life it is quite surprising – but always a great pleasure – to discover something new. Yesterday Tim Amor (one of the long standing teachers at Oxford International London Central) and I went to a world record breaking event in the fantastic Middle Temple Hall – right…

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The principals of our 4 adults schools are a proud bunch as you know and love getting to show people around their schools, each believing theirs is the best. We asked our Principals to give one reason why students love studying at their location: “Greenwich itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  It is a…

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Waleed has just finished at Oxford International London Central after studying with us for 6 months on our Morning 20 class. During his time with us he moved from A1 to B1 and was just about to move to a B2 class. We normally think of a student moving up one level in 12 weeks…

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