Our Blog- March 2016


Albayan event april 2016

Robert Farag, our Assistant Head of Training, is going to Algeria to meet, and train, our partners at the Albayan Academy in Batna”

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We all know why Wimbledon is famous – tennis. Every year at the end of June there’s the world famous tennis championships, and although tickets for the main courts  sell out months in advance, you can still go there every day and queue up for tickets – and it’s not too difficult to get there…

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An international Student volunteers … #OXFORDINTERNATIONALENGLISH


Cecile will be joining us next month as a regular member of our Blogging team. She’s from Switzerland and we are really looking forward to working with her – it’s always fascinating to know what students or other visitors to London think about our city and our way of life. Cecile has been doing a…

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Jordi is from Kurdistan and has just finished a 6 month course with us at Oxford International English London . As you can see, he is absolutely delighted and says being able to speak English and having a certificate from a school with a good reputation will be a great boost for the rest of his…

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You don’t always have to go to one of the big famous galleries in London to see a bit of Art – in fact within 10 minutes of Oxford International English London (our English language school)  you can see 3 photography exhibitions completely free. You could even pop out during your lunch break to see…

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Traditional British Stuff. Part 1 #OXFORDINTERNATIONALENGLISH


Am I typically English? Well, I wouldn’t say that exactly. Here are 3 ideas that might help you to understand the mystery of Britishness. There will be a few more coming later. I don’t know how many exactly, sorry about that https://prezi.com/wmqnbq3dnqwv/understatement/ Copyright was Prezi.com ‘understatement by Matthew Bezold’. The actual cartoon itself is signed…

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“Oxford International English – Want to be part of something new and exciting?”


Groups Here at Oxford International English Groups we are constantly receiving all sorts of interesting enquiries from our agents and are thrilled to research and compile interesting programmes in a range of subject areas. In the last month here are 3 examples of what we’ve been arranging: Roman History at London Central  Business at Greenwich …

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For the last 4 weeks Luz Adriana has been studying with us at Oxford International London Central on one of the most intensive courses we offer, our Full Immersion course. It’s quite unusual for someone to choose this course for 4 weeks, typically courses are one or two weeks. As the name suggests, the course…

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This week at London Central we have been hosting a rather interesting programme – CLIL in Art and History of Roman and Tudor periods! CLIL is Content and Language Integrated Learning, so our job was to design and deliver a course which gave students real experiences in London, put them in situations where they could…

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Mother’s day?

Some days in the year are known as Hallmark Holidays. Any idea what that might mean? Hallmark are the biggest manufacturer of cards in the world and so those increasingly regular days when you feel you just have to buy a card for this or that festival could be seen by the cynical amongst us as just a…

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