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Thinking about a linguistic trip in the UK? But no idea about exactly where to go? You’ll certainly enjoy Brighton, a small coastal city located in south England. The sea, the beach, and with the coming spring lots of funny events to take part in! Oxford International English in Brighton is just a few minutes…

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Restaurants #oxfordinternationalenglish

There are many ways to discover other countries. First, the best thing to do is to get in touch with the language. French, German, Turkish, Japanese, whatever, there are surely one you’ll enjoy to speak. Then, once you know a few words, you can get involved with another aspect of culture. Embark on a culinary…

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Charity #oxfordinternationalenglish


If you were in London last Sunday, you could hardly have missed the major event of the week-end: the London Marathon. The first race took place in 1981 and it has been run in the spring of each year since then. Currently, this marathon is the largest fund-raising event of the world, with the 2009…

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This weekend in London #oxfordinternationalenglishlondon

In London and running out of money? do you still believe London is really expensive? Haven’t you found all the free things to do in London? Here are some more things you can do if you happen to be a visitor to London, staying here for a while to learn English and perhaps studying at…

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Kris Hall, School Principal #OxfordInternationalEnglishGreenwich

Kris bio

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How to behave on the tube #OXFORDINTERNATIONALLONDON


One of the constant worries for tourists and visitors in London is how to understand the etiquette on the tube. Above all, STAND ON THE RIGHT. It seems just about the worst thing you can do to stand on the left as you’re going up an escalator on the tube. But TFL have now decided…

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English – International language of Business and Trade #BUSINESSENGLISH #OXFORDINTERNATIONALENGLISHGREENWICH


The English Language is the international language of Business and Trade. It is a language that came into existence because of business and trade. Over 2000 year ago, when Julius Caesar first landed on these shores, the Ancient Britons did not speak English. The Romans colonised Britain and the language of trade would have been…

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It might be, but then again it isn’t always. At Oxford International English London we carried out a survey of the students here to find out (without being too personal) how much they spend in a typical week. Now, if you asked anyone that question they’d probably not have much of an idea, but as…

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What’s the connection between Chelsea Football Club, Arthur Davis (the Oxford International London Foundation Course Manager) and Leicester? One obvious one is that Chelsea and Leicester football clubs have shared the same manager – Claudio Ranieri, another is that Oxford International have a very big operation in Leicester (our LIPC at de Montfort University) another is …

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Studying Business at University #OXFORDINTERNATIONALENGLISH


At Oxford International English in London we run a range of different courses; one of these is our University Foundation Course. We are very excited that from September we will be running an International Foundation Certificate in Business, which will lead to direct entry to some undergraduate degrees. The course is validated by de Montfort…

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