Our Blog- May 2016

Flavia and Kristofer #OxfordInternationalEnglish


Someone once asked me about my experience at university, and whether there was anything I’d have done differently at 20 if I could re-live my time. I said I’d had a fantastic time, loved the city (Bristol) and loved the course but I should never have gone with my then girlfriend to the same place…

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Japan Film #oxfordinternationalenglishlondon

You are actually taking Japanese lessons in UIC Languages or would like to, or you want to broaden your comprehension of the country? You’re a big fan of the Japanese culture? So, you just can’t miss the Japanese event of the weekend. From the 30th April to the 1st May, the Yard Theatre is going…

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Social Programme Manager #OxfordInternationalEnglishGreenwich #OxfordInternationalEnglishLondon


Mo Tighsazzadeh Learning English in London is thrilling, but the better part of your stay is probably not the lessons, it’s the free time you’ll get after school to discover the city and to enjoy all the unusual activities available there. And it’s even better with friends. The manager of the social programme of Oxford International English in London…

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