Our Blog- March 2018

The Top English Grammar Blogs to Check Out


Grammar must be one of those really annoying things that you unfortunately cannot bypass. If you are writing blogs, important letters or emails, homework or a novel, you basically need good grammar to be as credible as possible. Trust us, you will impress anyone if you have good written grammar, and you don’t have to prose…

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The Best Apps for Learning English


When learning English, whether you happen to be in an English speaking country or not, you want to use as many tools as you can to get towards your target. There are a myriad of apps out there that can help you learn as you go, all based on your level and your needs. We…

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The First English Words People Learn


There are quite a few basic words that people always tend to memorise first, when learning English. Surprisingly, after hello and thank you, it is not always the words you would think – it is all based on the learner’s first exposure and memorising capacity. Read on to find out the most popular words non-native…

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A Brief History of the English Language

History of the English lnguage

Regardless of the many languages one is fortunate to be fluent in, English takes its place as one of the world’s predominant forms of communication with its influences extending over as much as +2 billion people globally. Quirks and inconsistencies aside, the history surrounding its monumental rise is both a fascinating and rich one, and…

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