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English for Customer Service

If you work in hospitality, travel, sales or a job where you interact with customers in English, then this course is just what you need. Whether you are an experienced customer service representative or just starting out in the industry, this course will give you the skills and confidence to connect with your customers in English.
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20 hours
online tuition


1-to-1 or group
options available


Specialised learning

Course Information

  • 100% online course
  • 20 hours tutor-led tuition + additional self-guided study
  • Focussed tuition drawing on modern resources and current materials
  • All course materials included
  • Appropriate for those who want to work in English-speaking countries like the UK or USA or those who use English to communicate as a mediator.


What’s Included?

  • Specialised course materials – written and developed by a professional with over ten years of customer service experience in an English language context.
  • Learn techniques and gain confidence in tackling everyday issues, from handling complaints to tackling issues with phone and email communication
  • Explore and develop the English skills required for the customer service industry using situational learning
  • Develop the digital skills required in the service industry, improve your professional communication skills, CV writing and much more!


Course Structure

Week 1

  • An overview of the customer services as a whole and the differences across various industries and countries
  • Learn how to effectively plan and deliver a presentation while honing your public speaking and communication skills
  • Explore how to deliver personalised experiences for clients based on advice from industry professionals

Week 2

  • Students build an English CV and Cover Letter tailoring it for their relevant industries and jobs
  • Students practice in mock job interviews, utilising interview management and communication techniques in order to express themselves and navigate challenging interview questions
  • Students learn, practice and produce professional phrases with appropriate and formal intonation

Week 3

  • Students learn how to interpret and write formal emails to both customers and colleagues, using a framework of particular vocabulary sets and levels of formality
  • Students practice handling difficult phone conversations and learn how to sound professional when communicating via phone
  • Students explore video conferencing software and other technologies functionality involved in a modern customer service environment.

Week 4

  • Students explore leadership qualities and what makes a good manager
  • Students implement the knowledge acquired over the course to complete a final project
  • Students learn how to effectively plan and deliver a presentation while honing their public speaking and communicative skills


If you’re planning on a career in customer-facing roles or already are customer service professional who wants to improve their English and mediation skills then our 20-hours online English for customer services course is a perfect choice.