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English for Journalism

English for Journalism is a short English language course with a focus on themes and topics from the world of Journalism. In this 20-hour course students will experience using English in vlogs, research, pitching, interviews and writing their own news stories!
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20 hours
online tuition


1-to-1 or group
options available


Specialised learning

Course Information

  • 100% online course
  • 20 hours tutor-led tuition + additional self-guided study
  • Focussed tuition drawing on modern resources and current materials
  • All course materials included
  • Plan, pitch and produce your own pieces of work


What’s Included?

  • Draws on a wide range of areas including; digital journalism, news stories, photo-journalism, magazines and more
  • Learn to use English in vlogging, researching, conducting interviews and pitching your work
  • Learn techniques and language used in the world of journalism
  • Course materials are written by a professional journalist and English language teacher
  • Access to Virtual Learning Campus for course duration and 2 weeks after course completion
  • Flexible learning – choose your schedule


Course Structure

Week 1

  • Introduction to journalism and vlogging. Students read about the history of journalism and discuss the emergence of fake news
  • Students learn about vlogs, filming and editing and present their own vlog ideas

Week 2

  • Students learn about researching, pitching and interviewing for news stories
  • Students research and write their own article

Week 3

  • Students learn about photo-journalism, the stories of images, and how to describe and review photography
  • Students plan, take a photograph for their article and present their photos to the class

Week 4

  • Students learn about how magazines are constructed and designed and learn what makes up an editorial
  • Students write their own editorials and create a magazine cover, contents page, editorial, and include their article and photograph. Students then pitch their articles and magazines.


If you’re planning on a career in journalism, have one already but need to improve your English for your job our 20-hours online English for Journalism course is a perfect choice.