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General English & Specialised Electives

Super-Intensive 40

The course consists of the 20 morning classes plus 20 afternoon specialised elective lessons per week, allowing students to maximise their study day and develop a wide variety of skills. Our General English Super Intensive course in covers the key language learning areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening, using one-to-one tutorials and regular progress tests to respond to the student’s individual learning needs. Scroll down for more information.
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Key Facts


Level A1 - C2


30 Lessons per week


Lesson duration 45 min


13 Average class size


Specialised Elective lessons

Benefits of studying the course

  • Build your general proficiency in English
  • Work on the four main language skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing
  • Benefit from elective lessons which further develop your language skills on specific themes
  • Access to our bespoke e-learning platform 24/7
  • Learn from our qualified team of teachers who know the needs of each student and will offer personalised attention to ensure students succeed

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