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Study Italian in the evenings or at the weekend through Oxford International. For students who want a greater understanding of Italian for general use - including reading, conversation and travelling.
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Level A0 - C1


2 lessons per week


Lesson time 19:00-20:30


10 Maximum class size


Course length 4 weeks

Why Study Italian?

  • Italian is the first language of some 65 million people, and the second language of a further 15 million people.
  • Though the majority of Italian speakers reside in Italy, Italian also holds official or co-official language status in San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Vatican City.
  • Italian is also the second-most spoken language in Argentina and has a sizable population of native speakers in the United States.
  • Italy has one of the most popular celebrated food cultures in the world. So it’s important you know what you’re ordering when you visit!


£180 Back to school price: £144

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Next dates: 10th August and 24th August

Course Locations

European Language Levels

LevelStageLength of courseCEFR level
Beginner112 hoursA0
Beginner212 hoursA0
Beginner312 hoursA1
Beginner412 hoursA1
Elementary112 hoursA1
Elementary212 hoursA1
Elementary312 hoursA2
Elementary412 hoursA2
Pre-Intermediate112 hoursA2
Pre-Intermediate212 hoursA2
Pre-Intermediate312 hoursA2
Pre-Intermediate412 hoursB1
Intermediate112 hoursB1
Intermediate212 hoursB1
Intermediate312 hoursB1
Intermediate412 hoursB2
Upper Intermediate112 hoursB2
Upper Intermediate212 hoursB2
Upper Intermediate312 hoursB2
Upper Intermediate412 hoursC1
Advanced112 hoursC1
Advanced212 hoursC1
Advanced312 hoursC1
Advanced412 hoursC1

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