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UK Visa SELT Exam Preparation Course

Whether looking to live, work, or study in the UK your visa application may require a Secure English Level Test (SELT). Oxford International is partnered with Language Cert and is an official Language Cert SELT Examinations Registration Centre. Language Cert has hundreds of SELT centres around the world where you can take your test.
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5 hours per week


1 hour lessons


1-to-1 personalised tuition


  • Prepare for your specific SELT exam
  • 1:1 private tuition
  • Gain insight into SELT examination structure and questions

Course Information

  • 5-hour online preparation courses tailored to your visa application, CEFR, language skill and SELT examination type.
  • 1-to-1 private tuition.
  • The courses are designed to assess your level to check you are ready to pass the exam, provide examples and mock tasks, and give you information on how the exam works and how to successfully book the course.
    • Exam overview, how-to book, a summary of test requirements (1 hour)
    • Test format and requirements per skill (1 hour each), with examples
    • Personalised assessment/feedback of students level and ability in each skill
    • Mock test samples with feedback (completed by the student in their own time)

Candidates booking the course and exam with Oxford International also receive a 10% discount on the LanguageCert SELT exam.


What's Included

  • Language level assessment
  • End of course recommendation report
  • 10% discount on the LanguageCert SELT exam booking

Academic Information

  • All visa types and SELT exams covered
  • Course format options
    • 4-skill course
      Mon – Initial language assessment, Exam Overview and how to book
      Tue – Writing overview & practice
      Wed – Reading overview & practice
      Thur – Listening overview & practice
      Fri – Speaking overview & practice
    • 2-skill course
      Mon – Initial language assessment, Exam Overview and how to book
      Tue – Speaking 1 overview & practice
      Wed – Speaking 2 overview & practice
      Thur – Listening 1 overview & practice
      Fri – Listening 2 overview & practice

SELT Exam Centre Locations

Recognised Language Cert Registration

Oxford International is a certified SELT Examinations Registration Centre

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