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North America Pathway Program

Pathways Specialized Intensive 25

Our Pathway Program is your springboard to studying at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. The Pathways Specialized Intensive 25 allows students to study Study 20 General English classes plus 5 x 50 min Academic English classes per week for a minimum of 12 weeks – depending on level. Scroll down for more information.
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Key Facts


Levels A1 – C2


Over 35 college partners


Lesson duration 45 min


25 Lessons per week

Benefits of studying this course

  • 20 x 50 min English classes + 5 x 50 min Academic classes
  • Prepare for post-secondary study and customized to the needs of each individual learner
  • Choose from over 35 partner colleges and universities in the USA and Canada
  • Direct study pathways
  • Pathway Director can help you choose the right college or university for you
  • Study for a minimum of 12 weeks, dependent upon level

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