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6 Tips for studying at home

In these uncertain times, we can all be a little unsure of how to approach our day to day lives and especially studying. Using the right resources and maintaining a routine are important elements for learning and help to ensure you’re committing the time to study when outside the virtual classroom. So we have prepared some tips for students studying at home.


Use online resources

At Oxford International English Schools we have a fantastic online portal that allows students access to tutorials, exercises and resources in a structured and easy to follow way. The portal is tailored to each student’s level and provides course relevant education, 24/7, whenever our students need it. Students can also track their progress as they complete various tasks and questionnaires, giving students clear feedback on their progress but also highlighting areas for potential improvement. E-flex is a fantastic resource and is available for all our students, even for two weeks after you complete your course with us!


Extend your learning

Tasks as simple as reading the current articles and news online can be of tremendous benefit to students wanting to hone their learning at home. Not only does trusted news site deliver the days news in quality English language it also contextualises language and provides real-world examples. You may even pick up new words for your growing vocabulary. The puzzles section also contains word games, which will challenge your vocabulary knowledge and test your language skills in a fun way. Reading online content can even be a nice distraction from the textbooks.


Maintain contact and be social

Each of our schools has a WhatsApp group and social media sites to help keep students up to date with the latest happenings at the school. Messaging apps and social media are a great way to keep up conversations with your fellow students and help you continue your conversation language learning. Engage in these student groups as they will help you feel more connected with each other during your home study period.


Listen to music

Music is a powerful and fun teaching tool and is a great way to learn a language. As words and phrases are commonly repeated throughout songs, lyrics can be quickly learnt through repetition. Song lyrics can be a great way to cement your learning and enjoy a tune as you learn. There are many online music streaming services, jump online and stream some music for free today.


Read for fun

Reading is one of the key four language areas we focus on teaching our students. Reading a book is a great way to pass time and learn a language as you engage in a story. There are many free reading resources online that you access to discover both traditional and modern classics. Either way, reading is fun and a fantastic activity to help expand on your education. Good reads and the Guardian Top 10s are a great starting point.


And finally, remember to take regular breaks! Step away from your books, screens and notepad. Get some fresh air, enjoy a walk, grab a cup of tea or coffee or even go for a run. It’s important to let the mind have a rest, refresh your eyes and have some time off, you’ll find it helps you focus when you return to study.


What are your favourite ways to study at home?