We have developed a range of English elective subjects to give students the opportunity to specialise their learning, to help them reach their individual language goals. Coupled with our foundational English courses, electives are a powerful tool for students to enhance their learning.
Electives can be taken in the afternoon sessions as part of our Intensive 30, Super-Intensive 40, Afternoon 20 and Semi-Intensive 26 courses. Scroll down for more information.*
*Please note, the elective options may vary according to the location, and we cannot guarantee which electives will be running during your time with us.

Confident Speaking

This class develops students’ fluency and listening skills through communicative practice and reinforcement. Students will discuss a range of trending and relevant topics. Presentations, project work and cooperative tasks are designed to develop confidence in spoken English. For some courses, there will be the option to add related field trips.
Levels A2 - B1.

Exam Skills

In this course, test-taking techniques are practiced and students are exposed to a variety of practice materials for the FCE, CAE and IELTS exams, tailored to the needs of the students.
Levels B1 and above.

21st Century Business Skills

Our Business English curriculum combines the best in academic business knowledge with practice for everyday business situations, exploring areas such as entrepreneurship, marketing, HR and more.
Levels B1 and above.

Academic Reading and Writing

This course will develop the ability to produce pertinent and accurate writing, exploring style and register. The integrated approach of the class fosters academic literacy and content development to build a solid foundation of academic language skills. Students will write formal essays, read and analyse fiction and non-fiction and improve their reading speed and comprehension.
Levels B1 - C1.

Academic Speaking and Writing

From sentence structure to writing comprehensive reports and oral presentations to formal debates, in this class students will work on their academic productive skills. Students explore a different topic each week and prepare presentations and take part in discussions, with each week culminating in at least one piece of written work.
Levels A2 and above.

English for Academic Purposes

For students intending to study in English, this course will help them to establish successful habits and teach the skills needed to succeed in higher education including note taking, essay writing, discussions and presentations.
Levels B1 and above.

English for Customer Service

The class focuses on English applied to customer service, featuring vocabulary and common scenarios. Students will develop the skills they will need to thrive in this field in an international context.
Levels B1- B2.

Debate, Presentation and Public Speaking

Through structured coaching and feedback, students build on their ability to make their point with conviction and clarity. They will learn persuasive language and the language of agreeing and disagreeing politely in the context of various topics, culminating in a debate, presentation or a speech at the end of each cycle.
Levels A2 - C1.

Global Leadership

Our global leadership course offers training in self-evaluation, critical thinking, negotiation, active listening and research, all within the framework of an ESL programme of the highest academic standards.
Levels B1 and above.

English for Journalism

In this class, students have the opportunity to design and run a blog, magazine or website. Working as a team, this class produces weekly editions, collaborating to decide on content and format as well as identifying and exploring areas of interest. The class develops all the skill areas and there is no limit to the scope of students’ research and creativity.
Levels B1 and above.

English through Literature

This class gives students the opportunity to study English through theatre & literature and includes a focus on pronunciation and performing the English language. Students study particular plays or books, their meaning and characters, culminating in writing their own piece of work to perform or share them with the rest of the class. For some courses, there will be the opportunity to add a trip to a local theatre production.
Levels B1 and above.

Pronunciation and Fluency

Participants in this class receive intensive coaching on how to pronounce the sounds of English, followed by structured practice and free practice in conversation with partners.
Levels A1 - A2 and B1 - B2.

Projects and Communication

Each week the class undertakes a project, in teams, to learn/practice to language of cooperation, making decisions, reaching compromise, giving instructions and presentations.
Levels B1 and above.

English in a Local Context

A four week cultural and linguistic introduction to one of our beautiful locations to help learners prepare and get the most out of their trip. Students will gain an insider’s knowledge of local attractions, entertainment and shops, with the option to add related field trips.
Levels A1 - A2.

Essential English

Cycling through pronunciation, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, situational English and/or idioms, students will hit the ground running with practical skills.
Levels A1 and above.

The electives listed above are a sample of all the fantastic learning opportunities available at our schools. Electives are available as part of the following courses:

Intensive 30

Super-Intensive 40

Afternoon 20

Semi-Intensive 26

General English – Intensive 30

General English – Super Intensive 40

General English- Afternoon 20

General English – Semi-intensive

Please note, the elective options may vary according to the location, and we cannot guarantee which electives will be running during your time with us.