Student Welfare

Student welfare is of paramount importance at Oxford International, and we have systems in place to make sure all students are supported, safe and protected during their time with us.

Our student welfare policy is in place to make sure all students are happy, healthy, safe and protected whilst studying with us.

Our Student Welfare Policy is committed to ensuring that:

  • Your welfare is paramount
  • All students have equal opportunities, regardless of ability, religion, culture, gender, sexuality, ethnic origin or class
  • Academic programmes and activities provided are appropriate to your age, maturity and the centre’s location, which will encourage you to develop linguistically, socially and culturally
  • Tolerance, understanding and positive interaction is encouraged between all students, as is regard for each other’s privacy and possessions
  • Students develop responsibility for themselves, for others and for their environment
  • All students, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious beliefs and/or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse
  • We raise awareness of student protection issues
  • All staff have a responsibility to report any concerns to the Principal


The safety and well being of all our students is our primary concern and is something we take very seriously. We are passionate about creating a school life that enables every student to flourish. Providing a world-class educational facility is not just academics. It means attending to the emotional, medical and environmental needs of all our students.

Our Staff
Our staff are accustomed to helping people from different backgrounds and cultures and are experienced in dealing with a wide range of personal or study-related issues.

Risk Assessments
Our activity and excursion programme is carefully planned out ensuring the student’s safety is of utmost importance. To ensure this is the case, not only are all activities and excursions fully risk assessed, but we also have a library of the risk assessments for the attractions we visit in every city.

Measures we take to ensure juniors are taken care of after their arrival & throughout their course:

  • Dedicated safeguarding officer in each school
  • Named staff who students can speak to if they have any problems
  • Junior students asked to sign in at Reception on arrival at school each day
  • Curfew times for host family accommodation
  • Social programme activities are always supervised by a member of our staff
  • Emergency next of kin contact details held by staff all times with the out of hours phone – so we can always reach parents in case of urgency
  • In the UK students are explained UK laws & school rules relevant to their age group
  • Advice is given on arrival about personal, road & transport safety


Medical and Insurance

Students in the UK are advised to take out medical insurance before leaving their home countries. We strongly advise students to take out individual personal insurance to cover personal belongings, etc, before they come to the UK. 

In Canada, students must have medical insurance and the appropriate authorisation from Immigration. Students are responsible for checking the expiration date of the documents and keeping them up-to-date.

In the United States of America, healthcare is extremely expensive and therefore it is expected that each student will have his or her own health insurance. While it is strongly advised that the student purchase the insurance in his or her country prior to travelling to the USA, the school can help find the proper insurance coverage for any student who requests this assistance. All students must provide proof of insurance coverage or purchase through the school.

In addition, in case of any medical matters arising, all centres have staff members trained in First Aid, and all centres have a first aid kit on-site, as well as close links with local doctors, dentists and hospitals.