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Our programs prepare students for post-secondary study and are customized to the needs of each individual learner and their education goals.
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Program Overview

Our North American Pathway Programs prepare students for post-secondary study and are customised to the needs of each individual learner and their education goals. From the moment you book your course with us we offer you personalised and individual attention and provide you with a coordinator, all of which will ensure your success and provide you with the foundation and skills needed for a brighter future. Our partner institutions recognise our levels, eliminating the need for an entry exam such as IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL*.

* Please note IELTS scores may be required for certain post-graduate and graduate programs.

English Language Studies

Our Pathway Program teaches all the specific skills that post-secondary students should have at their disposal. Throughout your course you will practice note-taking, summarise lectures, build research and presentation techniques and develop academic familiarity. In addition to academic skills, our classes offer the perfect balance of all basic English skills from vocabulary and writing to speaking and reading. Our system is highly regarded, and upon successful completion of our Pathway Program you will gain seamless entry to one of our 35+ partner universities and colleges.

Post-Secondary Studies

Choosing the course that best fits your educational and geographical needs is just as important as developing your English skills. Our partner institutions offer the flexibility of certificates and diplomas, in addition to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, in a variety of academic fields. You will find the perfect campus to suit your preferences at one of our diverse partner institutions located across Canada and the USA.

Pathway Program Director

We have a dedicated Pathway Director on staff to help pathway students and their overseas advisors by providing necessary support through the enrolment process and helping students choose the right university or college. Once students start the program, the Coordinator meets with them regularly to check on progress and respond to concerns or questions and to provide updates. Your Pathway Coordinator also acts as a liaison between
students and our partner institutions, ensuring that you are well prepared for post-secondary studies at the end of your English course. With thorough knowledge of our partner institutions’ programs and requirements, our Pathway Coordinator ensures all details are taken care of and information is passed on accurately and efficiently.

Pathway Program Locations


Study English in a modern city surrounded by a spectacular natural landscape

Peggys Cove Lighthouse with yellow sky in Halifax


Study English in the hippest little city in North America


Learn English in this artistic, historic and friendly Canadian city

New York City

Study in one of the world's most iconic cities

This course is in our program which has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

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