What do the students need to bring on their first day?

Students need to bring their passport (ID cards are also valid for EU students), a passport sized photo for the student card and their enrolment letter with them on the first day.

What type of test will the student take on the first day?

The first day placement test is a writing and speaking test.

If a student thinks they have been placed at the wrong level or are not happy with their class, what should they do?

Students can discuss any questions they may have about their level with their teacher and check if it possible for them to move up or down a level. 
Alternatively, students can speak directly to the Director of Studies, who will then speak to the teachers before making a decision.


How and when do students get their course book?

The course book, or books, can be obtained from the School Administrator at the school reception.  We advise that students collect their book on the Thursday after arrival.
Students coming for only 1 week can be given photocopies instead if they prefer.


Can students change/reduce course weeks/lessons?

Students who require a visa may not be able to shorten or reduce the number of lessons of their course due to the terms of their visa. The schools cannot alter any course that is required to be completed under the terms of the student’s visa. No refund or credit will be offered for students who wish to reduce their number of lessons per week. For courses of 1-7 weeks in the UK, tuition fees are non-refundable and courses cannot be cancelled or shortened, or lessons reduced in number. In the UK only, for courses of 8-23 weeks, students can shorten courses by a maximum 2 weeks. Students must give a 2 week period of written notice. The resulting credit can only be used to upgrade tuition. Credit is non-transferable or refundable. For courses of 24+ weeks, students can shorten courses by a maximum of 4 weeks. Students must give a 2 week period of written notice. The resulting credit can only be used to upgrade tuition.


Can students change to a different Oxford International school?

Students can change to another school, but please note that extra fees may be applied. For students studying on a Tier 4 – General Student Visa stricter conditions apply.

Do students get a refund if the course fees are cheaper at the other school?

If the course is cheaper at the other school there will be no refund or credit available.  If the course is more expensive, students will need to pay the difference before moving schools.


Can students start a course any day of the week?

All courses begin on a Monday, apart from Bank Holidays when the schools are closed. In this case, the first day will be Tuesday.  Of course, if a student cannot arrive on a Monday due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be happy to help when possible.  Please try to give notice if a student will be arriving mid-week.


Can students take a holiday during their course?

Long-term students can arrange a holiday break of two weeks per twelve weeks of study (maximum two weeks at any one time) with a corresponding extension of their course end date (subject to visa conditions where applicable).  All holiday must be taken at least four weeks before the course end date and must be requested a minimum of two weeks prior to the holiday period.


Can students change from a General English course to a different course or vice versa?

Students can change course as long as this has been agreed on by the Director of Studies, and that they meet the minimum level requirements for the course. Visa students must adhere to the terms of their visa.


How many students will be in each class?

Class sizes vary depending on the season, but we can guarantee that classes will not exceed a maximum of 15 students per class.


Will students get a certificate at the end of the course?

Certificates will be issued for all students who achieve over 80% attendance.


What happens if a student misses class due to illness?

Students must inform the School Administrator of the reason for their absence.  This will not affect a student’s attendance.  However, students who are absent for three days due to illness, must provide a doctor’s note.


How long will it take students to improve by one level?

As a general rule, it takes around one term, or three months, for a student to improve by one level.  This is a general guideline only, as all students make progress at different rates.

When will the student receive the e-learning username and password?

If students have provided us with their email address at the time of booking, they will receive an email with their log-in details to Oxford International English Online a few days before arrival.  Alternatively students will receive their log-in details on their first day at school.


What do students need to book an exam? How much will it cost?

Students will need to fill in the relevant exam booking form and send us a copy of their ID or passport.

Examination fees are not included in the course price and will be charged upon registration for the exams. The exams are booked at local examination centres and the following costs include P&P and administrative fees: £180 for FCE and £180 CAE; £185 for IELTS. Please note: Prices are subject to change and may vary depending on centre.

What will the students learn in their skills classes?

Skills classes focus primarily on productive and receptive skills – speaking, writing, listening, and reading, and on the actual usage of these in English language. The teachers are enabling students to actually use what they learn, as they would need to do so in the real world outside the classroom.

In addition to this the lessons also provide a chance for students to use sub-skills such as pronunciation, critical thinking etc. and provide a chance for students to consolidate the lexis and grammar they learn in other lessons.


Who should students speak to about accommodation? (Problems, extensions)

For any questions about accommodation, students can speak to the school administrator at the school reception.

Is there any summer supplement for accommodation?

A summer supplement of £20/week is applied to all homestay bookings in all centres during the months of July and August. There is no supplement for residences except the Brighton City Centre Residence, which is also £20/week.

Are there bed linen and towels provided in accommodation?

Bed linen and one towel are provided in homestays and changed weekly.  All residences offer bed linen and most residences offer towels but please check at the time of booking. 

Will students be able to lock their room in a homestay?


When should students expect to receive homestay details?

We aim to provide students with their homestay details at least two weeks before arrival, or, for visa students, as soon as possible after their visa has been granted.


How far away will the homestay be from the school?

Students will usually have to travel to the school for an average of 30-40 minutes by public transport.

If students want to cancel or extend their accommodation, how many weeks’ notice does the school need?

Students wishing to change, cancel or extend their homestay accommodation must give the school two weeks’ notice.

Can students arrive to homestay accommodation any day of the week?

Our homestays generally run from Sunday to Sunday but we can also sometimes accommodate Saturday arrivals.  Please ask at the time of booking.  During the summer months, our homestay accommodation is strictly Sunday to Sunday only.  If a student arrives mid-week, the student will be charged for the full week of homestay accommodation.  Hosts are usually out at work during the week, so students will need to arrive to their accommodation in the evening.


Can students stay in their homestay over Christmas?

Students can request a homestay over the Christmas period, and we will let them know if this will be possible at the time of booking.

Do students need to inform their host of their expected arrival time?

We expect our students to contact their host by telephone before arrival to introduce themselves and to inform them of their expected arrival time.  We also expect students to contact their host if they will be delayed.

If students book a homestay with B&B only, can they use the kitchen for their own cooking?

Students can only use the kitchen for making hot or cold drinks, and sometimes small snacks, but this will always be at the host’s discretion.  Students cannot use the kitchen for proper cooking.

Are self-catering homestays available?

Self-catering homestays are available only on request for London Greenwich and Oxford.  Self-catering homestays are not available in Brighton.

Can students with specific dietary requirements stay in a homestay with half-board catering?

Students should inform us of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking, and we will confirm a host who can cater accordingly.  An extra charge may apply so please check at the time of booking.


Can hosts collect students from the train/bus station?

Students can book an airport transfer to take them from the airport to their accommodation, but hosts cannot collect students from the train/bus station or from the airport.

Will the students get a set of keys for the house?

Students over the age of 18 are entitled to a set of keys to the house.  Students under the age of 18 can be given a set of keys, at the host’s discretion.

What time is breakfast/dinner in a homestay? Are mealtimes flexible? What should students do if they are going to be late?

Mealtimes vary from host to host, so we advise our students to talk to their host about this. If a student will be late for a meal, or does not wish to have a meal one day, they must tell their host in advance.  If students will be late one evening, most hosts are willing to keep a plate of food warm for them to eat later.


Residences & Shared student houses

Can students make provisional bookings?

Some residences do allow provisional bookings, while others do not.  Please ask at the time of booking.

Can students aged under 18 stay in a residence or shared house?

We can only accept 18+ students into residential accommodation.  Students under the age of 18 will need to book homestay accommodation.

Is there Wi-Fi access in the residences and shared houses? Do students have to pay for this?

All residences offer Wi-Fi. Please note charges may apply, so please check at the time of booking.


Do students have to pay a deposit for anything at the residences or shared houses?

Students may need to pay a deposit for their keys, which will be refunded when they return the keys at the end of their stay.  For more details, please check at the time of booking, and refer to the information provided in the Guide Pack.


Does each room have a desk for studying?

There is a study area in each room.

If students don’t have a private bathroom in a shared house or residence, how many people will they be sharing the bathroom with?

This depends on the residence, but bathrooms are usually mixed gender and shared between 5 – 8 people.  Please check at the time of enquiry.

If students are staying in a shared house, how do they get their keys on arrival?

There will be a representative to meet students on arrival at the house.  Please ensure UIC has been informed of the student’s flight details so we can have an idea of their approximate arrival time at the accommodation.  Students will also be provided with a phone number, which they must call in order to reconfirm their arrival time on the day of arrival.  A representative will then meet the student at the house.


Other questions

If students book an arrival transfer, where and how will they find the driver?

Students will be greeted by their driver in the airport arrivals area, with a sign with their name on it.  If students cannot find their driver, they should immediately call the contact number noted on the transfer confirmation and emergency number. Students should not leave the airport without calling the emergency phone.

How do students organize a departure transfer? Where will they be picked up?

Students can request a departure transfer at the time of enrolment and this cost will be added to their invoices. Confirmation for the departure transfer will be provided once the student has arrived at the school.  Alternatively they can request a departure transfer after they have arrived at the school.  The School Administrator will take payment for the transfer and give the student the transfer confirmation.

Is there any discount for students on public transport? How can they get this discount?

Students who study for more than 14 weeks can apply for a student discount.  The School Administrator can give students a leaflet about this on their first day.

When do students need to pay for their course and accommodation?

We should receive the full balance of the invoice before the student arrives at the school.  Fees for accommodation extensions must be paid in advance of the extension start date.


Do students need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend students to be covered by adequate health, accident and travel insurance while attending our schools. 

Is there a social program?

We arrange a full weekly social programme for our students. Activities range from midweek museum trips, to pub nights, to ten-pin bowling, to days out to other UK cities and towns. The social programme for the week is published every Monday.


Is there free Wi-Fi at the school?