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General English - North America

Basic 20 English Course

Our General English Basic course in North America covers the key language learning areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening, using one-to-one tutorials and regular progress tests to respond to the student’s individual learning needs. The course includes 20 lessons of General English per week and students have the option to add additional lessons to further develop their skills. Scroll down for more information.
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Key Facts


Level A1 - C2


20 Lessons per week


Lesson duration 50 minimum


13 Average class size

Benefits of studying the Basic 20 English course

General English in our North American schools follows a syllabus covering the key language learning areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening with the aim to increase your confidence and ability to use English in the outside world. Students can choose to add electives in General English (Fluency), Business English, Academic English and Exam Preparation to assist progress towards their desired language level.

Add more lessons (electives)

General English – Fluency

Add 5 or 10 lessons per week of additional English skills designed to develop your fluency and listening skills through communicative practice and reinforcement. Presentations, project work and co-operative tasks are used to further develop confidence in spoken English.

Business English

Add 5 lessons per week from our Business English course to widen your vocabulary of business-related terminology. If you are preparing to use your English skills in a business or work environment, this course will help you prepare for real-life practical situations. We also include practice for TOEIC, an internationally recognized exam for workplace English.

Academic English – Reading & Writing

Add 5 lessons per week of academic reading and writing, designed to help you succeed at an academic level and build a solid foundation of academic language skills. You will write formal essays, read and analyze fiction and non-fiction pieces, and improve your reading speed and comprehension.

Academic English – Writing & Speaking

Add 5 lessons per week of academic writing and speaking, designed to give you success at an academic level. From sentence structure to writing comprehensive reports and oral presentations to formal debates.

Exam Preparation

Add 5 lessons per week of specialist coursework to prepare you for IELTS, TOEIC and Cambridge English FCE and CAE examinations. You can also choose to study our exam preparation courses as a full-time option.

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