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University College Pathway Halifax

In order for students to excel in an English-speaking university or college context, our UCP curriculum integrates English language education with academic preparation. Students will get direct access to +20 degree programs at partner universities and institutions across Canada once they complete the final UCP level.
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What You Will Learn


Educational Training


Language Development


Critical Thinking Skills


Time Management Strategies


Research Skills


Presentation Skills

Benefits Of The Pathway Program

The purpose of the UCP program is to prepare international students for future university or college studies by simultaneously combining English language study with academic preparation, gradually giving students the educational training necessary to achieve their goals.

  • Study length – only 10 weeks per level
  • Levels – from pre-pathway to Post-Graduate Pathway (Pre-Pathway 300, College Pathway 400, University pathway 500, Post-graduate pathway PGP – select programs)
  • Academic advising – guidance and support choosing a program, submitting applications, correspondence, transcripts, registering for courses, and more
  • Direct entry – choose from a variety of partner colleges and universities in Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada for direct entry without providing a proficiency test score
  • Academic preparation – focus on specific areas such as academic writing and referencing; listening to lectures and taking notes; reading and annotating; editing and proofreading; delivering presentations, speeches, and seminars; doing effective research; avoiding plagiarism; and building academic vocabulary


LevelEntering Finishing CEFRTOEFL
Lower Intermediate (200)IELTS 4.5IELTS 5.0B135-45
Intermediate (300)IELTS 5.0IELTS 5.5B1+46-59
Upper Intermediate (400)IELTS 5.5IELTS 6.0B260-78
Advanced (500)IELTS 6.0IELTS 6.5B2+79-93
PGPIELTS 6.5IELTS 7.0C194-101

Estimated Program Length

Students take a placement test prior to arriving at Oxford International Halifax. This test determines entry level and length of study. Students are also placed based on a specialized proficiency test score (IELTS, TOFEL).



8:45 am to 12:00 pm

12:45 pm to 3:15 pm

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Pathway Intensive 30

Pathway Super-Intensive 40