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Oxford - Homestay

Key Facts


Friendly homestay


Maximum 2 students per bedroom


Private study table


Maximum 4 students per homestay


Laundry & bed linen provided


Shared social area

About the accommodation

Experience life in a British home getting to know the local culture and customs. We work with trusted and experienced providers offering accommodation in line with British Council and English UK guidelines.

  • A great opportunity to enhance your English
  • Families selected through trusted agents
  • All families experienced at caring for EFL students
  • Located in the local area


42 Pembroke St, Oxford OX1 1BP, UK

Oxford City Centre

1 Queen St, Oxford OX1 1DJ, UK

Radcliffe Camera

Radcliffe Camera, Radcliffe Sq, Oxford OX1 3BG, UK

Oxford University

Old Indian Institute Building, 34 Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BD, UK

Oxford Train Station

Oxford Station, Park End St, Oxford OX1 1HS, UK

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