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Study at a school that suits you

Our English language schools have been carefully chosen for their fantastic locations in some of the finest cities. Whether you want to be by the sea or in amongst the hustle and bustle of city streets, we know that wherever you choose to study English, you want to be in a great location and close to the action.

Master English with our range of language courses in the USA, Canada and the UK


Canada is the most-searched for country to study abroad. Canada also has 10 of the top 250 universities in the world.

Peggys Cove Lighthouse with yellow sky in Halifax


Study English in the hippest little city in North America


Study English in a modern city surrounded by a spectacular natural landscape


Learn English in this artistic, historic and friendly Canadian city

United Kingdom

With over 500,000 international students enrolling each year, the United Kingdom is one of the world’s most popular destinations for higher education.

London Greenwich

Study English in the historic and picturesque Royal Borough of Greenwich in London


Known as the “City of Dreaming Spires”, master English in this historic city of learning


Learn English in one of the UK's coolest and friendliest seaside cities

United States

The United States is a melting pot for student from all over the world. Students choose to study here for a variety of reasons, including quality education, international prestige universities/colleges, job possibilities, cultural diversity and so much more.

New York City

Study in one of the world's most iconic cities