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Continuous Professional Development programme begins for 2020


At Oxford International English Schools we are passionate about delivering the best educational experiences to all our students. To achieve this, in partnership with our Teacher Training department, we have instigated a formal programme of continuous development for our teaching and administration staff, beginning with an Inset Day on November 29th, 2019.

Inset Day will bring together our teachers and staff from our UK schools – London Greenwich, Oxford and Brighton – for a full day of professional development conducted by our Teacher Training department, who will be guiding teachers on the latest teaching methods and industry trends, student and class development techniques and ways to promote continuous improvement in their careers.

This will mean that there will be no formal classes at our London Greenwich, Oxford and Brighton schools on November 29th.

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There’s lots more to come from Inset Day and our continuous development programmes, so stay tuned on this site and our social media channels

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Learn more about our UK schools and teacher training

London Greenwich School

London Greenwich

Our modern English language school in London is uniquely located in the historic Royal Borough of Greenwich.


Studying in a beautiful building in a historic area of the city, students have the energy and excitement of Brighton on their doorstep.


Our Oxford English language school is located in a charming building in the heart of the city.

Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training department runs internationally recognised, certificated and practical courses to develop the English language teachers of the future.