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Focus for results

In our modern world with distractions everywhere it can be challenging to reach your goals. We are constantly distracted by notifications on our phones, our latest purchases coming in the mail, social media, viral challenges and more. While some of these distractions may be entertaining and useful at times, they take our minds off the tasks we are wanting to achieve and deter us from reaching our goals.


Why is focus important?

Steve Jobs in his self-titled biography suggested: People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully.

As a business leader and innovator Jobs had many distractions, with many people presenting many good ideas, but his mantra of focussing on making a few good decisions helped him bring some of the most well-known and used products into the world. It is being focused that enabled him and his team to reach their goals.


How does it help me learn English?

It’s the same for learning a language. Learning a new language requires a lot of work, study effort and time, and it may appear overwhelming at the beginning. However, if you hone in on the goals you want to achieve and break these into smaller tasks then the whole process is more focused. Taking on smaller tasks is more achievable, efficient and encouraging and collectively results in your desired outcome.

In our classes, we focus on the four key language learning areas: reading, writing, listening and speaking. We believe that these key areas are the skills that students need to display competency in to master English. But say you want to attend an English speaking higher education institution, then you would need to display proficiency, particularly in the more academic skills of reading and writing. Our classes are a great way to grow your English level, but to really focus you may need to increase your study in reading and writing tasks.


Focussed sessions with a teacher

This where our online one-to-one personalised tuition sessions can help you. Our teachers will work with you to determine the steps and actions you can take to reach your goal. In our one-to-one sessions, you get to focus specifically on the skills you individually want to improve, without the distraction from the rest of the class. These focussed sessions put you in the driver’s seat so you can ‘choose carefully’ on the important tasks you want to achieve to meet your English language and future goals.

With the launch of our online courses, our qualified and native-speaking English languages teachers are available at a time that suits you, wherever you are in the world. We will work with you to determine your goals and focus on the tasks you need achieve to reach them.

Learn more about our one-to-one personalised tuition courses here.