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The Latest from Canada’s Study Permit Cap and What This Means for Students Wanting to Study in Canada

Hot Off the Press: The Latest from Canada’s Study Permit Cap

Earlier this week, the Canadian government announced critical changes to the international student visa program. There is still more information to come, as well as clarification, but Oxford International Education Group is committed to helping you understand and navigate these changes. 

What We Know  

As announced by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada), effective immediately there is an intake cap on international student permit applications for the next two years. For 2024, the cap is expected to limit approved study permits to 360,000, which is a 35% decrease from 2023. Each province and territory in Canada will have their own caps based on population, with more details to come. These are considered temporary measures and the number of new study permit applications for 2025 will be reassessed at the end of this year (2024).  

So, what does all of this mean for students?  

  1. Study permit renewals will not be impacted by these changes. 
  2. Students working towards master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and elementary and secondary education will not be impacted.  
  3. Current study permit holders will not be affected. 
  4. There is no cap on students coming to Oxford International English programs under TRVs (Temporary Resident Visa), eTAs (Electronic Travel Authorization), or work permits like the International Experience Canada program (Working Holiday visa).  

However, these changes do impact new and in-progress applications, with more information and clarity to come from the IRCC.  

In addition to the cap on international student permit applications, international students who begin a study program that is part of curriculum licensing agreement will no longer be eligible for postgraduation work permit upon graduation.  

Our Commitment   

There are additional details that can be found in this statement issued by the IRCC. We understand this announcement can be concerning and confusing. We are committed to providing exceptional education through English language learning and career programs to create limitless opportunities, and our mission will not change. 

As a best practice, we recommend you subscribe to the IRCC Newsroom to stay close to the latest updates if you are impacted or concerned by these changes. We will keep you updated as more details become available and share additional information on supporting resources.  

Please reach out to your Oxford International Education Group representative if you have any questions.