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5 Reasons You Should Study English in Brighton

If you’re considering studying English in any town in England, it’s got to be Brighton that you choose. Not only is it a fantastic place to live the student life, but it’s also one of the best places to live if you want a young, diverse vibe around you 24/7. 

Choosing to study English in Brighton is exciting enough, but there is so much more to this English city than you realise. Shall we take a look at five reasons you should study English in Brighton? Let’s go!

Start with the beach

One of the biggest attractions about Brighton is the beach. No, it’s not the typical sandy beach that you may find in the pages of a holiday brochure, but the beach in Brighton is famous for other reasons. Firstly, you have Brighton Pier. This iconic piece of the coastline is renowned for its Pier, and there’s a good reason for it! The arcades, fish and chip restaurants, and the funfair at the end all make for a stunning place to visit. There are tearooms and cafes, stalls packed with artwork and performers all along the beach in Brighton.

You’re close to London

With trains running every thirty minutes, you’re only a stone’s throw from amazing London. So, after a long day at the Oxford International English School in Brighton, you can practice your newfound skills in exciting London! Brighton is busy enough compared to London, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and soak up a little history in your downtime.

The food is epic

It’s not that Brighton has a specific cuisine, it’s that Brighton has EVERY cuisine. You can champion the fact that Brighton is known for focusing on sustainable and ethical food that is locally sourced. There are tons of food options, including vegan and vegetarian choices. Brighton is all about the small business, with pop up cafes, street food and cuisines from around the world served up.

Things to do

Brighton has a coastline that is simply stunning and it is filled to the brim with activities. You can try out the Brighton Zip Flying experience, head to the i360 building which offers the highest views in the world’s tallest observation tower or go to the world’s oldest aquarium right at the seafront in Brighton. You can wander the lanes and buy pick ‘n’ mix from the wall-to-wall sweet shops. There is so much to do in Brighton, and when you add the funfair, the mini-golf, and the local parties and clubs, you’re spoilt for choice.

Parks, gardens and countryside, oh my!

Brighton may be a city, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have open spaces in abundance. The South Downs National Park is a mere 15-minute drive away, and you can sit in any number of the 100 parks and gardens Brighton boasts. The largest park in Brighton is Preston Park and there are so many amazing picnic spots here to enjoy.

At Oxford International English School Brighton, you are going to be based in one of the most exciting places in the UK. Take a moment to do a little research – you won’t be disappointed.

Discover our English School in Brighton

Studying in a beautiful building in a historic area of the city, students have the energy and excitement of Brighton on their doorstep. So, whether it’s eating traditional English ‘fish and chips’ on the beach, taking a rollercoaster on the pier or relaxing to some live music, Brighton has it all to offer.

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