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The Top English Grammar Blogs to Check Out


Grammar must be one of those really annoying things that you unfortunately cannot bypass. If you are writing blogs, important letters or emails, homework or a novel, you basically need good grammar to be as credible as possible. Trust us, you will impress anyone if you have good written grammar, and you don’t have to prose like Jane Austen for readable text! We found a few blogs out there that may come in handy, check these out:

  1. Apostrophe Catastrophe: Sometimes, a picture can really paint a thousand words and we honestly believe the best way to learn is from someone else’s mistakes (sometimes our own). Apostrophe Catastrophe is mostly a blog where the blogger will post a photo and lament about the grammar mistakes he encounters along the way.
  2. Gramarist: A bit higher up there in terms of seriousness and overall web page smoothness, Gramarist is a wealth of information for pretty much any of the English grammar worries you may have. Words and punctuation are explained and expanded here, dictionary style, and even the most common grammar mistakes are there for you to check out.
  3. Grammarly: You must have seen Grammarly popping up here and there on your screen as you Google things or watch a video on Youtube. But hear us out, their blog content is quite out of the ordinary. Primarily sticking to grammar, Grammarly also provides plenty of blogs on tips and advice relating to language and communication.
  4. IELTS Simon: With a frequency of about 7 blogs per week, you will get you grammar fill with IELTS Simon. You will also have access to all sorts of tips when it comes to sitting for IELTS exams, and learn everything from spelling to collocations. Most blogs come with mini exercises to help you test what you’ve learned and to remember grammar rules.
  5. Reddit: No, Reddit is not just for getting lost in threads and threads of funny cat GIFs (we do love them though). Believe it or not, the grammar sub-Reddit is set up just for questions and discussions about grammar, convention and punctuation. The good thing is that you can interact with other people who are learning, as well as native speakers or even experts.

There are countless ways to mastering one’s grammar, and we believe that reading about it in interesting, sometimes uncommon formats can alleviate the difficulty, and yes, sometimes boredom. However, we are confident that one acquired and understood, grammar rule will be difficult to ignore, and you will soon become livid when looking at misplaced comma on a road sign. We’ve all been there! To help with improving your English and mastering the grammar, study the language with us at one of our fantastic English schools.