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UK schools to temporarily close for face-to-face teaching

Following the UK Government’s announcement of a national lockdown, we regret to inform you that our UK schools will be closed for face-to-face teaching from 6th January until 22nd February and all classes will move to online teaching during this period. We will review this in line with government regulations and provide further updates as the situation changes.

We have informed our students who are already in the country of the changes and are helping them to understand the new regulations. We are providing support to ensure our students can live as comfortably as possible during the lockdown and access online classes. Our online classes will follow the full regular timetable and we will continue the delivery of our exciting new syllabus.

For all students currently studying or due to start courses during this period we would like to encourage the following:

1. Join online classes and continue to study as normal either from your accommodation in the UK or from your home countries (if you have not travelled yet). Given that classes will follow our full timetable, students will not lose any teaching time and there is no need for you to delay your studies.

2. Defer courses until the end of lockdown when face-to-face teaching will resume.

3. Cancellation – this should be a last resort, but students who insist on cancelling their course will be refunded in full minus administration fees.


Given the mass rollout of vaccines in the UK, we are hopeful that this will be a short-term measure and that we will be able to re-open the UK schools for face-to-face teaching soon. We are continuing to take bookings for courses later in the year, so to join us in 2021 please enquire here.

We will update you with any further changes subject to government announcements.

Thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Gary Palmer
Managing Director, UK English Language